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Welcome to Essence House

Essence is a residential adult foster care HOME dedicated entirely to providing care for individuals living with Alzheimer’s/Dementia, Parkinsons and more.  Nestled in a friendly, residential neighborhood of Northville and Farmington Hills, MI, The Essence Houses are each a beautiful 6-Bed home, newly co-owned and operated by Registered Nurse Misty Novakowski, with over 15 years of experience in wound care, hospice, home care, and her partner Mike Kruckeberg.  

Based on research that highlights the importance of small environments, (versus large care facilities) in the care of persons with these diagnoses, Essence House residential homes help to provide a greater sense of belonging, comfort and security with their small and comfortable environments.  Essence House offers custom care plans and strength-based activities throughout the day to keep residents engaged in living each day to the fullest. 

Our goal is to provide opportunities for moments of meaning and joy in the lives of our residents each day.   

Senior couple hugging


Creating Moments of Meaning and Joy

The Essence House philosophy is based on the belief that a person is not their illness; rather the condition is only one aspect of their current status. At Essence, our focus is on the strengths of the person living with their diagnosis rather than on what abilities have been diminished or lost. It is our responsibility to step inside their world when communicating, interacting, and providing care. 

Essence House Care is based on these core principles:

  • Every Person has Value and Worth.

  • Every Person is Deserving of Dignity & Respect.

  • Every Individual is Unique in Their Life Experience.

  • Every Person has Strengths & Deserves Opportunities to Contribute


 At Essence we have created a culture that nurtures relationships based on respect, trust, shared experiences, mutual enjoyment, and community. We hope to welcome you and your loved one with open arms as we all know, it takes a village! 

It is important to the quality of life for persons living with dementia that they continue to experience enriching, meaningful and failure-free activities.  By providing meaningful activities and opportunities for residents to contribute, we affirm each individual's sense of purpose every day.

We hope you and your loved one come to find that these quaint and comfortable homes feel just like mom or dads when you visit.  


See what makes us unique.

Happy seniors raising hands

"When someone living with Alzheimer's believes something to be true, it is true - in Alzheimer's World"

Bob DeMarco


We understand what a big decision finding just the right Elder Care facility is and want you to be confident in our level and quality of care.  We invite you to explore what others have been kind enough to share about us.

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