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Family Visit


We design each day at Essence around our residents' interests, abilities, and preferences. Exercise and engagement are essential to the well-being of persons living with Dementia. With activities like those below and many others, our residents are engaged throughout every day:

  • Cooking

  • Art

  • Household Chores

  • Games

  • Puzzles

  • Outdoor Walks

  • Gardening

  • Storytelling

Relationships are an essential part of life at Essence. The household setting allows relationships to form between Care Partners, residents, and family members.


Whether it's chatting in the kitchen over coffee, watching baseball in the living room, setting the table, exercising, or simply relaxing together on the patio, Essence House is a home filled with joy, laughter, hugs, and community that enables and empowers our residents to live a meaningful life.

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