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Essence Memory Care was founded in January 2018, by Colleen Cassidy and Carolyn Merrucci-Anderson.  

Long-time friends and fellow nursing colleagues, Colleen and Carolyn have spent their entire 30+ year careers devoted to care for the elderly.  They are both extremely passionate and dedicated to helping others in need.  

In 2014, Carolyn saw a need for a more specialized and intimate care for those living with Alzheimer's/Dementia and decided to open her first Memory Care Home, Thrive Assisted Living in Bloomfield Michigan.

And Thrive it did!  Now with 2 highly successful Memory Care homes, and a continued demand for more "Family-Inspired" communities like Thrive, Carolyn and Colleen decided to partner together to open a new home under a new name. And alas, Essence Memory Care was born. 

It is truly a labor of love for both of them.

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Creating Moments of Meaning and Joy

Essence Memory Care's philosophy is based on the belief that a person is not their illness; rather the condition is only one aspect of their current status. At Essence, our focus is on the strengths of the person living with dementia rather than on what abilities have been diminished or lost. It is our responsibility to step inside their world when communicating and interacting with a person living with dementia.

Essence Memory Care is based on these core principles:

  • Every Person has Value and Worth.

  • Every Person is Deserving of Dignity & Respect.

  • Every Individual is Unique in Their Life Experience.

  • Every Person has Strengths & Deserves Opportunities to Contribute

Relationships are essential to the well-being of a person living with dementia. At Essence we have created a culture that nurtures relationships based on respect, trust, shared experiences, mutual enjoyment, and community.

It is important to the quality of life for persons living with dementia that they continue to experience enriching, meaningful and failure-free activities.  By providing meaningful activities and opportunities for residents to contribute, we affirm each individual's sense of purpose every day.

With just 6 beds and a dedicated Care Partner for every 3 residents, Essence Memory Care's unique home environment promotes safety and comfort for our residents living with dementia.

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